International Conference on Vascular Anomalies

International Conference on Vascular Anomalies

Vascular diseases represent a large area that includes vascular tumors and vascular malformations some of these framed in the rare diseases’s chapter.

After great efforts made in this discipline in recent years by Italian and International Experts, the journey on the knowledge of these complex congenital pathologies has become easier. In addiction, the difficulty of framing numerous and debated therapeutic journey requires scientific meeting between Experts of different specialities in order to stimulate a constructive comparison, evaluate complex cases, define scientific behavior on these pathologies.

A significant role is taking on the research on genetic frameworks, that reveal new theraupetic approach in complex malformations.

SISAV promotes and develops scientific update meetings and stimulated clinical-scientific research, sharing knowledges and tecnigues that can bring progress in the treatment of vascular tumors and malformations.

SISAV has developed the national guidelines shared by other Scientific Societies related to these pathologies which have the task of pointing out correct therapeutic pathways.

We thank the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation that supported this scientific initiative and all the American and European specialists that confront themselves on therapeutical path and behaviors in this two Roman days.

Francesco Stillo

Raul Mattassi

Milton Waner

Linda Rozell-Shannon


The conference has been accredited to the Agency Age NA.S. it will be assigned 7,7 credits subordinated to the partecipation of the whole congress training program.

For the ECM practice, the speaker will have to fill a sheet with 4 questions and respective 3 multiple answer, and send them to


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International Conference VA - Scheda Iscrizione

International Conference on Vascular Anomalies - Scheda di Iscrizione

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International Conference on Vascular Anomalies - Programma Scientifico

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